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Istanbul International Solid Waste, Water and Wastewater Congress 2013
22-24 May 2013   |   Halic Congress Center - Istanbul - TURKEY

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We have vital responsibilities in any kind of action aiming at the preservation of environment which is our common value, and elimination of pollution. Gradual increase in population in our country, like the rest of the world, and changes in the consumption behaviours particularly coupled with the dazzling speed of technology have increased the pressure on the environment. Thus, it is important to make sure to transfer today’s resources to the next generations by acting more sensitively about using them.

Among natural resources, water is one of the most important ones as it constitutes a major proportion of the body, and all living beings need it for the continuation of life. When we look at our country’s water resources, that fact that total usable water amount is 112 billion m3 and yearly usable fresh water amount of 1500 m3 per capita indicates that we fall into the category of the countries facing water shortage. For that reason, the effective management of water resources proves to be important to make sustainable growth possible. In our country, water management policy is developed in consideration of current and future water needs in accordance with increasing population, rapid urbanization, and global and local developments as well as ongoing European Union integration process.



Due to the rapid increase of world population and constant growth of the economy, the stress on the natural resources is mounting up with the excess consumption and the basic environmental signs are deteriorating day by day.

If we do not take the necessary precautions in due time, the ecosystem of the earth, the life and support system of the humankind, will deteriorate and our planet will become uninhabitable. With the rising environmental awareness, it has become clear that a sustainable economic development cannot be achieved while damaging the environment. The problems such as erosion, desertification, the difficulties in providing potable water, etc. are not the problems of the future but of present.

When we look at the studies regarding the protection of the environment, conducted by the cities and local administrations we see that our world is in great danger and is forcing us to change. The present growth and consumption methods have ceased to be sustainable in the face of the rising population and expectations.




We must make long-term plans and programs confirming to “sustainable city” vision if we are to leave more livable cities to future generations.The changes and developments in cities should be consistent with the well-balanced use of natural resources. For this reason, there is a need for the protection of environment through a strategically planned waste management. The efficient use of energy and water is of prime importance. The world is alarming for drought. Every drop of water is comparable to oil in terms of importance. Two thirds of the world population is expected to be effected from this drought problem by 2025.

This means that 1.8 billion people will be living in places facing the water shortage. Growing demand for water and the proper use of water resources are the common items of global agenda. We should keep in mind that the geometrically growing water problem will cause social and political problems and unrests in near future.  The recycling of water has as much vital importance as the supply of clean water. Because, one liter of waste water contaminates eight liters of fresh water.